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1 Product 90 Day Ad, 10 Top Ranking Blogs

Does Your Website Look Amazing But Getting Little To No Traffic?

Get Your Business Featured On 1st Page Of Google "Instantly".

How It Works

We will use a product that your website sales already and place it at the top our Best Ranking 10 Blogs. Like shown above and when someone clicks on that product it will redirect them to your website. The customer will buy from you and that is how easy it is to start getting more traffic and sales to your business.

When you purchase Ad Space it will run for 90 days, and we will send you a monthly report on our traffic that we are getting from our Top 10 Blogs so you will know exactly how many impressions your website is getting a month.

Once you place your order, we will look at your website and pick a product that we feel will get the best click results from our blogs. We will copy or create an ad image from your product. Once your ad is created we will copy your link to that product so when the customer clicks on the ad product image it will redirect them straight to your product page on your website.

Once your ad is up and running we will email you the blog links so you can view them and try them out to see that they work.

Did You Know Do-Follow Backlinks Are Crucial To Ranking On Google.

A Do-Follow link is when another website links back to your site in a link. If you want to get more organic traffic you will need to have many valuable back links. The more back links your website has the more authority Google will give you in ranking. It can take years to get your website to the top of Google. As long as you’re advertising with us monthly you will have a positive backlink that will improve your Google ranking, and will also put your link at the very top of Google in an article that we have ranking.  

How do I Get Organic Traffic?

All of our organic traffic comes from pet niche blog topics. First step in our process is to do a deep dive into keywords that we can rank for. Once we build a list of keywords we will write articles on pet related content and use these keywords to help rank on first page of Google faster. We have 100+ articles on our website and many of our blogs are featured on first page of Google. 

Get Instant Traffic To Your Website.

We don't want you to make the same mistakes that we did starting out. I have spent thousands of dollars on blogs that never made it in the top 50 pages of Google search. Once I learned how to get my articles ranking I was hooked. I want to give this same opportunity to websites that may be suffering in getting enough traffic to scale.

Here Is Your Opportunity

When you advertise on our top ranking articles you will get your website instantly in front of interested customers. We cannot guarantee that anyone will click on your ad but if they do the ad will send them directly to your website. We put your ads above the content so your offer is the first thing that they see when they click on the blog article.