How To Stop My Dad, From Being So Mean To My Puppy?

How To Stop My Dad, From Being So Mean To My Puppy


How To Stop My Dad, From Being So Mean To My Puppy?

 Your Dad may not be a dog lover. Just because you are a dog lover, doesn't mean you can change his mind. Some dads are going to keep hating dogs no matter what you do. However, some non-dog-lovers might be swayed if they see that dogs can be wonderful animals.

While everyone around me is happily patting dogs, and  tagging each other in puppy memes, and dreaming about their future dogs, my dad is part of the rare breed whose tail doesn’t wag at the faintest sight of the four-legged creatures.

This might come as a shock if you are a dog lover, but not everyone loves dogs. Some people downright despise dogs. 

 First you can start by being responsible dog owners and respecting others. Have good manners and teach good manners to your dogs. If dog owners choose not to be responsible and respectful, then it only gives dogs and their owners a bad name.


Most dog lovers can admit that certain dogs and their owners are infuriating. There are some good reasons why some people don’t like dogs, and it usually comes down to things the owner does (or doesn't do). Are you guilty of any of these offenses?

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Here is some reason why your dad probably hates your dog:

1. Your Dog Invades The Personal Space Of Others

Not everyone wants to pet your dog (We know–we can't believe it either!). A dog that is jumping up, licking, pawing, sniffing, begging, or otherwise invading their personal space are annoyed many people. People will not want to enter your home if your dog accosts them every time they come over. And they certainly won't be inviting you to bring your dog to their own homes.

Teach your dog how to behave around other people, whether at your home or away. Your dog will be welcome in many more places if he is calm, gentle, and well socialized. Until he has some self-control through training, you would be better off keeping him in the crate or confined to another room when company comes over. Let him stay at home when you visit friends or family until he has mastered training.

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2. You Let Your Dog Roam Off-Leash

Dogs don't belong off-leash in public unless it is permitted by law and it is an enclosed area.

First of all, it's simply not safe to let your dog roam free. Secondly, it's invasive to other people. Your neighbors should not have to worry about your dog trampling their plants, chasing their cats, pooping in their yards, and generally terrorizing them. Sure, your dog may be friendly, but how can other people know that for sure?

If your dog is loose and running through the neighborhood, some people are going to get scared. Even if you are right there with your obedient off-leash dog, it's still a bad idea. You can never be sure of how other animals or people will react to your off-leash dog. 

Please keep your dog on a leash in public. If you are in a safe and legal off-leash area, make sure you have excellent verbal control (especially a good recall). 

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3. You Don't Pick Up After Your Dog

It sounds simple, but some people still don’t do it. Please, just pick up your dog’s poop! Stepping in dog poop is disgusting and annoying. Respect your neighbors and help keep your community clean. Pick up your dog’s poop every single time. Bring poop bags wherever you go with your dog. Consider a convenient little poop bag holder that attaches to your dog's leash. This way you’ll always have bags handy. If you forget or run out of bags, try asking another dog owner for a bag. Worst case scenario, come back with a bag as soon as possible to pick up your dog’s mess

4. Your Dog Barks Excessively

Yes, dogs will bark. Sometimes the barking is helpful to alert us to danger or to scare off a threat. However, excessive barking is a real problem. Your neighbors do not need to hear your dog barking on and on; this really should be common sense. Your barking dog is noise pollution!

Please don't leave a dog outside to bark at the whole neighborhood. It's not fair to the dog and it disrupts the community. Plus, your neighbors might call the police and you may get in trouble. Bring your dog inside. Work on training to teach your dog when barking is appropriate.



5.Your May Not Always Have Control Of Your Dog All The Time 

It can be frustrating to watch someone struggle with an unruly dog. It's even worse to be the person who has to deal with someone else's out-of-control dog. When dogs lunge and yank the leash on walks, it can upset other dogs and people (especially those who are afraid of dogs). When dogs bounce around and act hyperactive, it affects everyone around them. When dogs jump on people, it's annoying and uncomfortable, and someone could get hurt.

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Is your dog properly trained? Make sure your dog knows how to behave well on walks and around all kinds of people (including kids). While your dog is still learning, take him on walks during quieter times when he is less likely to affect other dogs and people. Cross the street when you see a dog or person coming to avoid an interaction your dog is not ready for.

You should also be certain you have verbal control of your dog before letting him off the leash. This includes fenced-in public areas like dog parks.

6. Does Your Dog Destroy Neighbors Yard Up Or Others Properties?

Some dogs exhibit destructive behavior. They might chew furniture, shoes, or other items. Some will dig up gardens and flower beds. Destructive behavior may be caused by fear, anxiety (such as separation anxiety), or simply restless energy. However, when your dog destroys property belonging to other people, you have a real problem on your hands.

Have respect for the property of others. If you have a destructive dog, it's best to keep your dog confined when you're not home, especially if you live with other people. A destructive dog should not be brought to other people's homes or yards.

Seek the help of a veterinarian, behaviorist, or trainer who can get to the root of your dog's destructive behavior and offer possible solutions.

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7.Your Dog Is a Brat at the Dog Park

The dog park is not the right place for every dog. Before bringing your dog to an off-leash dog park, familiarize yourself with some basic dog park etiquette. First, make sure your dog gets along well with other dogs. Then, be certain you have good verbal control of your dog.

Please watch your dog at all times while at the dog park. Don't be that person who is on their cell phone at the other end of the dog park while your dog is misbehaving. You must be able to control your dog. Even dogs that normally get along well can get into a fight in the right (or wrong) conditions. Remove your dog immediately if he exhibits bullying behavior or is otherwise not playing nice.

8. You Won't Stop Talking About Your Dog

Yes, you adore your dog. Just about every dog owner does. But remember that not everyone wants to hear you go on and on about how your dog "did the cutest thing" or how smart/sweet/silly/amazing your dog is. They might not want to see 57 photos of your adorable pooch. This especially applies to non-dog lovers. Non-parents often feel the same way about people who won't stop talking about their kids. Take a moment to think about the people you're talking to before you tell endless doggie tales.

Or, you might just decide to find a new group of friends who are more dog-centric and who want to check out your dog's photos!

9. You Bring Your Dog to Inappropriate Places

Sorry, but dogs are not welcome everywhere. Unless you have a true service dog, your dog will not be allowed in many places, such as restaurants and stores. Please don't try to sneak your dog in or pretend your pet dog is a service animal. This only hurts those people who need their service animals present. Instead, seek out dog-friendly businesses where your dog will be welcomed and allowed to act like a dog.

If your dog is an emotional support animal, there may be more places where he is allowed (like some airlines). Make sure your dog is extremely well-trained before taking him places that allow ESAs. If your dog misbehaves, it may lead businesses to change their policies on ESAs.


10. You Don't Take Responsibility for Your Dog's Mistakes

Accidents happen. Dogs destroy property. They get into fights. Some even bite people. If your dog is involved in an unfortunate incident, it's not the time to lay blame on others. Be honest and accept your fair share of responsibility. You might need to fork over the cash to replace someone's expensive rug or cover another dog's vet bills.

Do your best to prevent incidents, but be prepared to step up if something does happen. The worst thing you can do is to act like your dog is a perfect angel when everyone else knows that the incident was your dog's fault. Plus, if you make someone angry by refusing to accept responsibility for your dog's actions, they might end up taking legal action. Worst case scenario, you could lose your dog!

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It is not completely soulless – you can appreciate an adorable dog picture or two but my dad is missing that gene or trait that sees me coo uncontrollably anytime a dog passes me by.

I’m not going to think it’s adorable when I can’t even eat my food in peace because your pup won’t leave me be. I get it. Dogs like food, and they’re going to want to beg me for mine. But it’s not cute to me. It’s really hard to ignore, and it kind of ruins the whole eating experience.

OK, I get that dogs jump quite a bit. I also understand that, just like with toddlers, there’s not a whole lot you can do to calm dogs down sometimes. But some people can’t stand it when dogs jump all over them. When they’re wearing shorts, they claw out of their legs. When I’m wearing pants, they stain to much out of my pants. Or, worse, they put holes in them with their claws. For someone who puts quite a bit of thought into her outfits, and likes to take care of her things, the inevitable jumping just makes them dread going to visit anyone with hyper dogs.

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Some barking is cute, especially when you’re dealing with puppies. But being woken up in the middle of the night, or any time a car drives by is frustrating. Again, I know there’s only so much you can do to prevent your dog from barking without resorting to shock collars. But, people need to sleep!

I’ve already said that I think dogs are cute AF. I do. But they’re just so needy sometimes. Dog cuddles can be delightful, but some can’t handle constant contact with anyone, much less a dog who just came in from playing in the rain.

Do I think it’s cute when dogs sit happily with their tongues hanging out? Yeah, kind of. But there is nothing cute about dog breath. Don’t expect people to think it’s funny when your dog wakes them up by getting in their face and exhaling their gross breath all over them. It’s so unpleasant. Honestly, they just can’t even deal.

I'm not asking you to hide your dog away or stop bringing it into the office - just for doggo-lovers to be aware that not everyone feels the same as you do. That we might not feel as honored to have a dog jump upon us as we walk through the door or bark away non-stop.

So on behalf of the silent minority, I'm just asking for a bit more consideration. And please don't set the dogs on us. 


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