What to do when your parents want to get rid of your dog?

What to do when your parents want to get rid of your dog

What Can I Do If My Parents Want To Get Rid Of My Dog?

 If your parents want to get rid of your dog the first thing to do is take a step back and imagine yourself in their position. "Dog" conjures up images of time and money, a slew of additional tasks, and the potential for furniture and household belongings to be damaged or destroyed. There are several things about dogs ownership that people may be worried about. To be successful in your endeavors, it is important to follow through on your words. Consider these ideas for convincing others that you are ready to have a dog. However, there are other (better) tactics you may use when making your case to resistant parents if you genuinely want to add a canine friend to your family.

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21 Steps On How To Convince Your Parents To Not Get Rid Of Your Dog.


1-The First Step Is To Design A Daily Schedule.


There are many things that you will need to do to care for your dog, whether it is a puppy or an older dog. You are demonstrating to your parents that you are aware of the time and work required to raise a pet that is content, healthy, and well-adjusted when you create a daily task list.

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2-Make It Clear To Them How You Intend To Put It Into Practice.


The dog has to be fed and walked in the mornings. The question is whether you would be willing to give up some of your extracurricular interests to care for him at home. Will you be the one to clean up after him? Are you prepared to help financially? Many families purchase a dog "for the kids," but the parents wind up doing all of the labor. Make it clear that you are willing to shoulder a significant amount of the workload.


3-As A Third Step, Demonstrate That You Can Be Trusted By Your Family.


Begin by doing all of your daily responsibilities on your own initiative, without being prompted. Make your bed, tidy up your room, take away the garbage, and wash the dishes as soon as possible. Taking on more responsibilities might get you bonus points on your report card.

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4-Check out More Sources


 Size, appearance, temperament, and activity requirements vary widely across breeds. Just because it is adorable does not mean it's the best dog for your family. A dog in the Toy Group, for example, may not be suitable for a family that is active and wants a dog to accompany them on summer treks. Dogs that are too huge may take up too much room in an apartment. Tell us why you are drawn to a certai n breed. Check out the AKC's Breed Selector or take an AKC breed class on out school if you need assistance determining what sort of dog to acquire.


5-Consider Finding A Means To Offset The Costs Of Owning A Dog.

  Consider finding a part-time job or doing odd chores around your area if you are old enough. Even your birthday money might be saved up for you to use later. Offer to walk or petsit the dogs of your neighbors if you want to prove to your parents that you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning a dog.

 6-Talk about the Positive Aspects Of Having A Dog

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To get you started, here are a few ideas:

  • In many families, having a dog means more time spent together as a unit. The whole family may participate in activities such as walks, lawn games, and training sessions.
  • You will be spending more time outside. Both you and your dog benefit from regular exposure to natural light and exercise.
  • Having a dog at home might make you feel more secure. You do not have to adopt a guard dog, but most breeds can learn who is and who isn't allowed in your house with proper training. In addition, burglars are less likely to break into a home if a dog is present.
  • Taking care of a dog instills a sense of responsibility in its owner. You will learn how to adhere to a schedule and keep your end of the bargain. In addition, you will get to experience the delight of caring for a live creature.


7- A Family Contract Should Be Drawn Out


 Determine which responsibilities you are willing to take on. Taking the dog for a walk twice a day or cleaning up any messes he makes in the home are examples of this. Talk to your parents openly and honestly at this time. In order to show how much they are invested in the project, everyone may sign it.


8- Address the Worries of Your Parents


 Dog allergies may be a problem for your parents. A list of hypoallergenic breeds is always an option. Do not become defensive if they are concerned about your academics or extracurricular activities. Listen to what they have to say and then react honestly. Afterwards, give them some time to mull about your idea.


9-Make sure you are prepared for dog ownership before you get a dog.


Even if you have never had a dog before, it is easy to fall in love with the prospect of doing so after seeing a wonderful dog movie. You may enjoy the idea of owning a dog. but are you prepared for the time, money and work that come along with it? To spend time with your dog, would you be prepared to sacrifice part of your time with friends.

 10-Assist In The Care Of The Home

 It's important that you can perform the basics like making your bed, cleaning your room, and washing the dishes for your parents to realize that you'd be a good dog owner. Do additional domestic duties, such as mowing the yard, doing the laundry, and even making your parents coffee if they seem like they need it, or do anything else you can to go above and beyond what's expected of you.

Perform these additional duties without being asked or reminded to do them, and let your parents see you doing them. Your ability to remember the little things, like taking a walk with the dog, demonstrates your sense of responsibility.

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11-Keep Up The Good Work, And Your Grades Will Improve.


Keeping your grades up when you ask for a dog shows your parents that you are capable of taking on additional responsibilities, such as caring for a dog. In order to show them that you're willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to obtain the dog, attempt to perform even better in school.


  • Be as explicit as possible if you decide to make a verbal vow to your parents. You may remark, "I'm going to maintain my A grades in arithmetic." A another way to put it may be, "I promise to do well in my science classes."


12- Show Them That You Are Capable Of Doing A Task.

 You might ask your parents to give you a project to work on for a certain period. A bag of flour, a plant, or even a hamster or fish might serve as a substitute. To your parents, a good showing on this trial run might demonstrate your maturity, responsibility, and dedication to your desire for a dog. Despite the fact that it may appear frivolous, you should take this very seriously.

 13-It's Time For A Trial Run

 Volunteer to assist a friend or family member who is having difficulty caring for his or her dog. Show your parents that you are ready to take on a pet by taking care of the dog for a few days. They will see how pleased you are to be spending time with a pet.


14- Allow Them Time To Ponder The Matter

 Remember that if you ask them too many times a day, they will close the door on you. To get them acclimated to the concept, continue to demonstrate maturity and understanding, be a useful member of the household, and sometimes mention the dog. As a result, they will see that you are so devoted that you are prepared to wait.

 15- Demonstrate Your Willingness To Take Care Of The Dog

That you will buy a dog and get bored with it? Forcing them to care for it instead Talk about the times of day that work best for your dog so they know you will be taking it out for a walk every day; if you have a sibling, show them how you have divided the responsibility. If you want to illustrate your point, you may even take your dog for a walk on your own at the scheduled time.


16-Reassure Them That the Dog Will Not Do Damage To Their Property

There's a good chance your parents are anxious about the dog destroying their belongings, tracking dirt into the home, and shedding all over the place. To demonstrate to them that none of this will take place is your task. In your discussions with your parents, be careful to:


  • Tell them that you will get the dog a lot of chew toys so that the dog does not destroy the furniture. For any unsecured wires or cables, inform them that you will tape or cover them up, which will make your home seem more organized.
  • Consider a method of preventing the dog from bringing dirt into your home. Explanation: Before letting your dog back into the home, you will wipe his paws in the garage or porch.
  • Make a plan for preventing excessive pet hair loss with your dog. Even if dogs shed, it is possible to explain to your parents that you will set up a cleaning plan to get rid of the mess.
  • Inform them that you want to wash the dog every week or as frequently as the breed requires.

 17- Chart Your Dogs Intake Of Meals And Liquids

 At the very least, your new puppy will need to eat once or twice a day. Decide whether you want to feed your dog wet, dry, or a mix of the three. Look for a healthy meal option that is also within your financial means. Then, make a chart indicating when and how much the dog will consume. The cost of eating over time may also be estimated.

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18-Consider House Training Your Dog As An Option


For older dogs, house training may already be a part of their DNA. However, if you have a puppy or a younger dog, you will probably have to work with them on their potty habits. Talk to your parents about how you will not only pick up the mess, but also clean up and arrange pee pads in the house, so you are prepared.

 19- The Veterinarians You Suggest Should Be Listed


Be sure to show them that you can provide the dog with medical attention. Find the finest veterinarian in your neighborhood by doing your homework ahead of time. Ask your friends who have dogs for recommendations, or do your own study. It's best if you can walk to the vet's office if you don't drive, and you can show your parents that you've done your homework and are capable of handling the situation.


20- If you are Going Away for a While, Make a Plan and Stick to It


If your family takes a trip, show them that you have a plan in place to care for the dog. "What are we going to do for a week at the beach?" can be a common question from your mom. Do your homework ahead of time so you're not taken off guard. A dog daycare or a neighbor who is ready to watch your dog might be an excellent solution if you cannot leave him with a relative or friend.


21- Be Ready To Put Off Your Dog Adoption For A While


They will be impressed with your commitment if you do not become bored. It is possible your parents are concerned that you will not be able to keep up with the dog after a few weeks of ownership. To top it all off, they will probably need some time to think about it. Talk to them about how you are willing to wait a few months and keep talking about the dog to demonstrate that this is not just a passing phase; you're actually devoted and ready to wait, and this isn't just a fad.

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It is wonderful to have a pet dog, but it comes with a tremendous deal of responsibilities. In order to get a dog as a best friend, you will need to demonstrate your parents you are up for the challenge.

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