Can I Stop My Dog From Trying To Control Me, To Do What He Wants?

My Dog Think He Is The Alpha

Can I Stop My Dog From Trying To Control Me, To Do What He Wants? 

Yes, you need to set rules for that and stick to them no matter what. Don’t ever give in to bad behavior, or else your dominant canine will probably take it as a weakness and think he will easily get away with it.

Some dogs are naturally strong dominant dog breeds that like to take control over their owners, dominance can be a result of inadequate training as well. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t ignore the dominant behavior because once you do the real battle begins.

As they say, “A dog is a mans best friend” No doubt fur babies are so much fun to be around and emit good vibes. But, with a pet comes challenges, especially if they are showing dominant behavior.

That’s because it won’t just disturb the happy environment of your home but can be dangerous too. Without further ado, let’s jump in and find out how you can break a dog's dominant behavior humanely and safely.



Most Common Signs That Your Dog Is Trying To Be Dominant:

Don’t know what goes into the quest of identifying dominant behavior dog sings? Here’s a list of a few dominance signs that you need to keep a track of:

  • Growling
  • Eye-to-eye contact.
  • Jumping up.
  • Showing aggression towards other pets.
  • Aggression towards humans.
  • Not listening to commands.
  • Guarding or stealing toys and food.
  • Mounting humans and dogs.

What’s more, a dominant dog will not vacate the sofa or bed even at its owner’s request. They even perceive eye contact from other pets and people as a threat and respond by biting, pawing, or barking.


Top 10 Hacks to Stop Dominant Behavior in Dogs:

1.   Set Boundaries and Rules

2.   Eat before Your Dog at Mealtime

3.   Stay Calm

4.   Make Sure He Works for What He Wants

5.   Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

6.   Don’t Ever Force Affection

7.   Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

8. Never Allow Him to Sit on the Bed or Couch

9.   Play Control Games Whether A Tug of War or Fetch, Etc.

10. Up Your Game and Be the Pack Leader



1.   Set Boundaries and Rules

Dominant canines will take their chances with almost everything, whether it’s grabbing your burger, jumping at you, or preventing you from cuddling with your partner. Nothing of the sort should be tolerated.

Yes, you need to set rules for that and stick to them no matter what. Don’t ever give in to bad behavior, or else your dominant canine will probably take it as a weakness and think he will easily get away with it.

When it comes to handling a dominant dog, consistency is crucial.

However, everyone in the family needs to be on board too. That’s because if you are setting a rule and someone else breaks it, the poor beagle will get confused.


2.   Eat before Your Dog at Mealtime

Do you know how it works in a pack environment? The top dogs always get to eat first, and the rest flock will get the leftovers.

That’s right; you will have to replicate the whole thing at your home in order to break your dog’s dominant behavior.

You need to always eat at the table and make sure you don’t tolerate any begging behavior. Plus, an effective command to teach your dog here is to either lay down or go to bed. Never allow your dog to sit at mealtimes.

Once everyone in the house is done with the dinner, you can allow your dog to accompany you in the kitchen while you are preparing his food.

Also, if your dog wants a supper, make him work for it by commanding him to sit and wait. He is not getting his dinner until he is submissive.

3.   Stay Calm

Dogs get their energy from us. So, if you are worried and scared of their dominant behavior, the dog will sense it and react accordingly.

Dominant dogs are sharp, and they will probably notice two things: the first, he feels compelled to take over as the alpha dog and that you are a weak leader. And, the second, he will feel compelled to protect you; either it’s an awful situation to be in.

Nevertheless, you are worried for a reason either, it’s because your dog is unpredictable or he shows aggression towards humans and other dogs. Or maybe you are too frail to handle a challenging dog.

Indeed, it’s a vicious loop, and you must overcome it. You need to understand what’s making you nervous and work on it.

Is it because he shows aggression towards other dogs? Try taking him out in less busy places to gain confidence and then gradually increase your walking time back to normal.

And, if you are scared that you can’t handle him on your own, go out and find a walking partner to help you gain confidence.

If you are calm, the dog will be too. If you are not emitting that energy of getting protection, your dog will not feel the need to defend you.

4.   Make Sure He Works for What He Wants

Dominant dogs think they are the boss and are alpha dogs. They even regard you as a subordinate in the chain of command.

You must ensure that your dog doesn’t think that way, or it can be a daunting task to handle him. You must play the role of the top dog and ensure you are in full control.

If your dog wants a treat, make sure he sits or paws for his favorite treat. If he wishes to go to his preferred location and wants to cross the road, he must sit. Also, if he wants to go out to play, make sure he sits and waits until you say so.

No doubt, you first need to train him to sit and wait. However, these are a few essential steps in teaching him that you are the boss and he needs to follow your instructions. Once he is past the learning stage, continue the hard work.

5.   Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

Did you know that several dominant canines are working dogs that were bred to guard estates and people? Yes, and this indicates they usually have high energy in them. So, if your dominant dog is energetic, you need to think about whether you are giving him enough exercise or it’s otherwise.

If this isn’t the case, you need to make sure he is getting enough activity. Even if that means you and your folks need to set up a whole new schedule for that.

Doing so will help in release his energy. This, in turn, means he will bring less snark into the house and lower his dominant behavior.

6.   Don’t Ever Force Affection

This is exactly where many dog owners make the biggest mistake. Yes, they think that if they can get their dogs to enjoy cuddles, they will eventually become softer. But that’s now how dominant fur babies think; AHH BAD!

Dominant canines aren’t just cuddly at all. They regard themselves as pack leaders, and the rest of the squad seeks him out for cuddling.

This is what distinguishes them as the pack leader. By going to him for cuddles, you are encouraging his belief that he is indeed the pack leader.

So what’s next? You just need to leave him on his own and ignore him. The dog will gradually start seeing you as the pack leader and will come to you for cuddles.

7.   Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

If you are training your dog and taking crucial steps to deal with his dominating behavior and he is putting up well with it, DON’T FORGET TO REWARD HIM for his good behavior.

Yes, treating your dog will reinforce his belief that he is doing well; positive reinforcement works great for dogs rather than punishments.

Getting pets and warmth is also a good way to cement your status as the top dog. Your fur baby will enjoy the praise he will receive from you and will continue to adhere to your commands to gain more recognition.

8. Never Allow Him to Sit on the Bed or Couch

Pack order is something loved by dominant dogs. Also, pack order is determined by the pack leaders, with everyone else following in their footsteps.

Beds and the couch are only for the top dogs, that is, you and your folks; definitely not for the beagle.

Although there comes a time when you so want to cuddle your dog on the couch, hey, it’s a small sacrifice that you need to make to set up a pack hierarchy.

One thing to keep in mind is that it goes for you too, don’t sit on the floor; he will interpret this as you are stepping down from your throne and going to his level. I know this can be hard; it’s worth the effort. YOU GOT THIS!

9.   Play Control Games Whether A Tug of War or Fetch, Etc.

You should be the one initiating the play and always set the rules prior to playing. Start and stop whenever you feel like it and not when he tells you to.

Also, if he doesn’t listen to your commands just stop playing, ignore him, and walk away.

10. Up Your Game and Be the Pack Leader

Believe me, nothing will work unless you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Yes, if your dog is showing dominant behavior, you need to step up and be more dominant.

Unfortunately, many dog owners confuse dominance with aggression, and this can even worsen the situation. By no means is a pack leader a bully; being dominant means you have full control.

Once he sees you as the pack leader, he will stop being dominant, and everything will eventually fall into its place.


Things You Need to Consider When Training a Dominant Dog.

Here are a few factors that you need to take into account when living or training a dominant canine:

· Don’t Be Ashamed When Seeking Professional Help

Sometimes no matter how hard you try or adhere to the guidelines, some dogs aren’t easy to handle, and they won’t listen at all. Thus, this is where it becomes crucial to get help from a professional canine behaviorist.

Sadly, many dog owners just give up on their hard work and think nothing would help them as it needs a lot of effort and patience. And, the instant you give up, it’s the moment you lose your status as the top dog.

Dominant behavior is dangerous for both; the family and the dog too. Hence, be a responsible dog owner and don’t be embarrassed when seeking professional help.

· Never Leave Your Children Unattended

Do not leave ‘any’ dog unsupervised with children. However, if you have a dominant dog who shows dominant behavior in order to an alpha dog, there is a probability he will turn on a toddler. That’s why you should be accepting of dominant dog behavior.

Usually, dominant dogs perceive small children as their siblings instead of leaders, that’s because they sit on the floor like them and have smaller eyes.

What’s more, canine siblings compete for attention and fight for the title of the top dog. Hence, it is essential to never leave your children unattended, not even for a second.

With that, always remember to be consistent with your behavior. I know it can be an overwhelming endeavor, but down the road, you will surely see the result. JUST STAY CONSISTENT AND BE PATIENT.

What Are the Most Dominant Dogs Breeds?

Albeit dominant dog behavior is evident in young puppies, normally, it develops as the dog matures. Males are more likely to develop aggressive temperaments than females between the ages of 18th months and 3 years.

6 Top Aggressive dog breeds:

  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Pitbulls
  • Dachshunds
  • Chihuahuas
  • Doberman Pinschers


To completely transform your dominant dog, you need to understand its behavior and change the way you have been doing things. Dominant dogs aren’t just dangerous to your family but to the public too.

Also, do you know what makes dominant dogs happy? They are the happiest when they have a disciplined environment to live in and a pack leader to obey. Thus, you will be happy when your dog is happy - right?

So what are you waiting for? Go and get started with our top 10 suggested hacks, and you will start seeing the difference in your dog’s behavior very soon.


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