why doesn't my dog comfort me when i cry

This Is How To Make Your Dog Comfort You When You Cry

Why Doesn't My Dog Comfort Me When I Cry?

There is several reasons why your dog may not comfort you when you cry, including its feelings of perplexity, anxiety, intimidation, or belief that you are OK or that it is in danger.

Since your dog's inability to comfort you might be attributable to various factors, it's impossible to say why they aren't. While pinpointing the precise cause may seem impossible, many factors must be considered.

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Why Your Dog Won't Come To Soothe You When You Cry?

Several reasons your dog may not have comforted you when you needed it.

  1. Unfortunately, Your Dog Has A Checkered Past When It Comes To Comforting And Getting A Pat On The Head

If you've ever reprimanded or pushed away from your dog if he tried to comfort you while you were upset, he may have concluded that it's not appropriate to try to console you when you're feeling down.

It's possible that your dog's previous owner was cruel, which might explain this behavior. Sometimes it takes a long time to undo the damage done by a previous owner who didn't treat their dog properly.

Consistency is essential if you don't want to throw off your good guy. If you've accidentally discouraged your dog from coming to you when you're upset, you may attempt to correct this by calling him politely whenever you need his assistance.

  1. Your Dog Is Concerned. You Need Some Personal Space

Dogs are naturally wise creatures, but sometimes their insights are off. Some dogs may ignore your tears rather than console you if they see you shed them in front of them.

It might be because they believe it would be too much of a bother to approach you at this time or because they think you need time to collect your thoughts and deal with the situation on your own.

  1. Dog Is Terrified Of You

There are various reasons why your dog could be fearful of you. Possibly you've never shown your dog any love or even hurt him.

It is a long-term problem, so it's best to tackle it while you're feeling more level-headed. Over-the-top displays of devotion, such as kissing your dog every time you see him, are unnecessary.

But it would be best if you didn't have to work to earn your dog's trust. So, forever refrain from such activities that cause your dog distress.

  1. Your Pet Cannot Comprehend

Likely, your dog doesn't recognize the meaning of your cries. Your dog may have guessed that you're feeling down, but he's at a loss to understand why.

Most dogs, particularly puppies and other young, energetic canines, aren't used to being around sobbing people. Thus, they could react negatively. Furthermore, they lack the focus necessary for learning at this stage. Don't freak out too much if your dog fits this description. To put it simply, you should give him time.

  1. Even If You're Upset, Your Dog Has No Idea

Your dog may not have sensed your distress for several reasons. Dogs have a remarkable knack for reading our emotions but often misread us.

What Should I Do If My Dog Doesn't Cuddle Me When I'm Crying?

Don't stress too much if your dog doesn't soothe your worries. Your relationship with your closest friend may not be at fault since there may be any number of reasons for this.

If you're worried about your dog's behavior and it isn't brand new, try to avoid sending mixed messages anytime you're angry. That moment, we hope, is far in the future!

While you're feeling well, focus on strengthening your relationship with your dog so that he can better understand when you're angry.

If this is a new development in your dog's behavior, a trip to the doctor to rule out any medical problems is in order.

Why Does My Dog Get Away From Me When I Cry?

Several potential explanations for why your dog is acting this way are included below, along with factors that can increase or decrease their likelihood.

  1. Confusion

It may be because it is bewildered and does not realize what you are trying to achieve. It is especially probable if your dog pays attention to you when you cry, but it acts perplexed by turning its head or behaving strangely.

  1. Anxiety

We can't rule out the possibility of your tears making it uneasy. If the baby begins pacing or sobbing independently, this is a more probable outcome.

  1. Intimidation

There's also the possibility that it's scared. Assuming it avoids you while you weep, this is more likely to happen. It's also more likely to start avoiding you when you weep unexpectedly, especially if you've done anything like been angry at it while you were sobbing.

  1. They Believes You're OK

Another explanation is that it assumes you're OK. It is more probable if your dog's behavior doesn't change when you weep. If you shed tears often, it might also increase the likelihood.

Thoughts Need to be Noted

Here are some questions to ask yourself to understand why your dog has been acting this way.

  1. If Your Dog Is A Source Of Comfort On Occasion

If you find that your dog does comfort you when you're feeling down, thinking about how and why this is different from other times may be helpful. For instance, if you are comforted when you command it to come to you, it may not understand your wishes in other contexts.

  1. Remembering The Times When Your Dog Brought You Comfort

If your dog used to console you whenever you shed a tear, it could help to think about what changed right around when it stopped doing so. If, for instance, it stopped doing it after you disciplined it while sobbing, it could not do it now out of fear of being punished or because it believes it is in danger.

Does My Dog Care If I Cry?

The answer is that Your dog does feel compassion when you're sad. Even if it doesn't know why you're upset, it will feel the same way since your emotions will transfer. Even if you start to weep, your dog will do its best to comfort you.

Dogs are naturally kind and understanding animals. People who experience emotional contagion react to your feelings. On top of that, they'll do everything they can to cheer you up.

An article titled "Your Dog Does Care If You Are Unhappy" appeared in Psychology Today and discussed that your dog could express empathy, despite its complexity.

According to the research, dogs tend to provide emotional support to strangers with the same feelings as their owners, similar to how people demonstrate empathy toward one another.

Some canines, of course, are more sensitive than others. I've spent my whole life around golden retrievers, so I thought it would be helpful to write a piece on the temperament of this breed and its emotions so that you may better understand how your dog would behave in certain scenarios.

Why Does My Dog Bark At Me When I Cry?

There are several reasons your dog bark at you when you cry. When you are crying, your pet thinks yours have angry with them. That's why they try to stay away from you or bark at you. Let's find out why your dog barks at you when you are upset or crying.

  1. A Distraction Is Keeping Your Dog From Paying Attention

We may be unable to control our emotions and become quite noisy and agitated when we weep. Some dogs may get so anxious that they flee to the safety of the bathtub.

Your dog may bark at you while you're sobbing if he's the kind that is easily startled or distracted. Please don't take this the wrong way. Too much activity might be terrifying for some dogs.

  1. Your Pet Isn't Feeling Well

The second reason is that It's conceivable that your dog's change in behavior toward your tears results from an injury or disease. Although dogs can't verbalize their discomfort or illness, their owners can frequently tell by the sudden shift in their demeanor.

Maybe your dog isn't feeling well if he's suddenly lost interest in being a sappy comforter while you're in tears and start barking at you. It's possible that he needs to see the vet.

  1. The Dog Assumes You Are Angry With It

Certain people are more prone to anger, and vocalizations of that anger when disturbed make this a popular one. The canine species interprets this as a sign of impending danger. Your dog will avoid you or start barking at you out of fear of being reprimanded if he senses that you are angry with him.he never come to you because he assumes you are angry with him.

If you want to improve your connection with your dog, there is another situation in which you should wait until you feel calmer. Ensure your dog understands that you're not in trouble when talking normally and that you're not being too harsh with your dog when you punish him.

What To Do If Your Dog Barking at You When You Cry?

Here are two ways to make your dog comfortable with you and more reassuring.

  1. As A Reward For Being So Loving

As animal lovers, we have a natural affinity for empathetic expressions. We get even more attached to our fur babies when we consider that they are capable of these qualities as well. As a pet parent, you may wish to encourage your dog's benevolence toward people in need if you've noticed that they are especially kind to everyone he meets, even strangers. It may be a good idea to train your dog to be a therapy dog. Find a place that is conducive to your dog's emotional skills with the advice of your vet or a local dog trainer.

Make sure the person your dog is trying to 'console' is comfortable with canine companionship before allowing it. As long as it isn't too much or too intrusive, most people won't mind. You probably already know, however, that some people are just not comfortable interacting with dogs. Even if you disagree with their decision, you should always respect it. It is the kind thing to do and will keep your furry friend safe.

  1. Don't Give It Any Reason To Stop Being Affectionate

Don't be too harsh on it when it makes you exhibit love, or it could get the impression that you don't like it. Instead of praising it when it does not exhibit love, it would be more helpful to praise it when it does.


Do you think your dog doesn't notice when you're sad? In reality, your dog does feel compassion for you whenever you shed a tear. Several factors contribute to why your dog won't come to console you when you're upset:

  1. Previously, he has been disciplined.
  2. He feels you need some personal space.
  3. You've scared him away.
  4. He has no clue why you're fuming.
  5. His mind is just wandering.
  6. He has no idea how you feel.
  7. So far as he's concerned, it would be best if you were angry with him.
  8. It seems he isn't in good health right now.

Your dog still loves you even if he doesn't soothe you when you're sad. A wide variety of factors might be at play here.

If this is a new development, it's important to have him checked out by the vet to make sure it's not a sign of illness. Try not to fret too much and concentrate on developing a close relationship with your dog. You'll both be happy regardless of whether or not the comfort gap is resolved.



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