Is Free Pet Chip Registry Safe To Use For My Pet

Is Free Pet Chip Registry Safe To Use For My Pet

How To Use Freepetregistry To Register My Dog

Absolutely your dog micro chip is very safe and free pet registry can help you get it in the data base so if you dog is ever lost you can find them again.  

Freepetregistry is a great place to register your dog after you have taken them to get the microchip. FreePetChipRegistry is insurance for your pet and also for the life of your pet, and can be used by anyone with any brand of microchip which is crucial when registering your pet. Some registries don't work with the data base that stores all of your pets information.  

Freepetregistry also have a Non-Solicitation Policy: They guarantee that your information will not be sold to any third parties.

If you would like to contact Freepetregistry with any questions: CLICK HERE

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What Should I Do After My Dog Gets Its Microchip 

 After you get your microchip from your local veterinarian make sure to register it. You will have to register you dogs microchip with a data base that works with  AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) technology. Fill out all relevant information and even give them as many cell phone numbers as you can, because you never know in the future you may have to get a new number.

I recommend freepetchipregistry because it is free and easy to do. You can not just microchip your dog that isn't enough to help find them if they are lost. You have to register them and this can not be done at the vet clinic. If you want a quick and simple free pet register I would definitely us them. When you register you pet for a microchip with freepetchipregistry you are registering your pet with the most reliable and free pet identification database technology in the USA and the world. 


What Do I Need To Do To Get A  Microchips For My Dog.

 A Dog microchip implant is a radio-frequency that gives a identification transponder that has a identification number that is like a security number for you dog, it is about the size of a grain of rice. You can get the microchip scanned at a local veterinary clinic. They will use a scanner to pickup the frequency from the microchip which will give the specific ID number of that dog and the dogs address and owners information. Chip is put right under the loose skin on the back of the dog between the shoulder blades. It is a super simple procedure and will not require any major surgery. 



You may have thought that microchips where a new thing, well they are to the public but studies have been going on for over 20 years on if they work and how safe they are. 

01 Sep 1995 

American Veterinary Medical Association done a study in 1995 on 33 dogs and 18 cats, this study went on for a period of 365 days. The studies came back with a astonishing report. Only one dog had a negative report but even then the microchip was still in place and working. The cats also performed very well, so if you are nerves about if the microchip is safe or not you can rest assure that they are. Statics show that 1 in 3 pets will become lost from their owners one day. I want to insure myself with knowing that I done everything possible that I could do to keep them safe. 

 This Is How A Vet Will Microchip Your Dog

Are Microchips For Dogs A GPS Tracker Also

No, a microchip implant is not a GPS. They are not substitutes for each other, a GPS can be purchased for your dog but you have to keep up with the batteries and you take the chance of him losing his collar or even someone could take his collar off. 

I once bought a super nice collar for my border collie. She loves to run in the woods a lot when we are out for a evening walk. Even though she isn't a hunting dog I bought her a bright orange collar, she is a out side dog and loves to roam around on our farm. But not long after I bought it I noticed her not wearing it one day, man that was disappointing and kind of scary. I don't care as much for the collar but I do care that she felt comfortable enough to allow someone to take it off of her. She could have easily been taken, I just don't see how it could have came off of her with the style of collar it was.

Microchips don't require a collar or batteries and they last a very long time. They seem to me to be safer when I comes to actually finding my pet if she is lost. 


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