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Inspiring Real Life Story For Dog Lovers


Real Life Story Plus Bible Verses For Dog Lovers.

Your about to read about a day in the life of Christina, she is a mom that has just finished her master degree in counseling. She wasn't fully aware of the all the new challenges life was about to bring to her as a mom, wife, dog owner, and full time therapist. It has been a very exciting but challenging year, she just had to have back surgery due to a slipped disk and now learning how to walk again has been a struggle on its own. I hope you enjoy this inspiring story, how God is always there even when our lives don't seem perfect. Read how her not so good morning turns out to be one of the best days ever. 

Bible verses that we will use today to inspire dog lovers and friends during this encouraging real life day experience.

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Bible Verses For Dog Lovers Bible Study.

Romans 8:28

Psalms 139:1

Phillippians 4:13



Inspiring Real Life Story For Dog Lovers With Bible Verses Included.


Hi friends its Christina here again, so it’s been a while since I wrote a Chronicle. Life's been crazy and if anyone is wondering adjusting to a fulltime therapist schedule well it’s a little challenging. If anyone happens to remember, and in case it slipped your mind, I will remind you. These last almost eight months have been incredibly hard for me. If I thought Earning a master’s degree was hard through a severe health aliment in and everything, I thought was hard became even harder. This week for the first time in those eight months I woke up with no leg pain. One of my desires has been to wean myself off of the medicines I have been prescribed to deal with the back pain and the anxiety that has accompanied it. Well last night was horrendous. I have been plagued with nightmare after nightmare. So bad that I talk in my sleep. I was crying, I was laughing, I was screaming. Pretty much freaking my poor husband out. We make it through the night. I wake up determined to make my day good. Sloshing off the sleepiness, the fogginess, and the general ickiness of the night. I YouTube me a morning bible meditation video. I mean after all I get to set the temperature of my day nit my feelings nor my struggles.

I would love to say this just worked wonders and my day sailed from there. Unfortunately, a stream of incredibly really annoying small things really try and just rob my day before I even walk out the door. One kid whose 10 and shall remain nameless turns into a baby and decides she can only communicate with grunts. Another one decides he cannot seem to find the dog leash. And well have you ever tried to teach a teenager how to drive and stay calm and nice all at 7 am in the morning? Oh just, me? Okay well as if that’s not enough to for some reason just annoy me to pieces. We make it to the drop off line early only to have to wait because well the gate was not open. Two kids decide to argue who is going to sit up front after the teenage driver gets out of the car. Anyone who has more than one kid knows all about the seriousness of who gets shotgun even if you are only driving around a building. Finally, kids are dropped off. Fuel must be purchased and by this time no amount of “Oh I am so thankful and blessed to have this great car that I get to pay a fortune to fill up is gonna help this mood. I look for my favorite water while paying for gas only to find what this gas station only has two choices, and neither is the smart water that I want. Okay pay for the fuel and my breakfast. I begin to put my flavored pack in my water only to make a huge mess of it including making my hands sticky. And if sticky hands just don’t get in your crawl well, are you even human? Again, only me? Okay. So, after a 45-minute drive and fighting with my shorted-out phone charger and just being rather salty I make it to work, and on time I might add. I get everything ready and prepared for my group that includes coloring sheets, check in sheets, work sheets, video picked out, yay I have enough time for a walk. Surely this is gonna turn this crummy attitude around cause lets face it addiction counseling can be taxing and if I do not allow God to get into this tude I got going on one of those group members may get their heads chopped off.  Here’s where it gets good. See even just a month ago I couldn’t take a walk without ending up back in severe pain. In fact, many walks and places I have went to celebrate graduation I had to lean on friends like literally. In both instances I had to grab their hand huffing and puffing while I tried to get my brain and my leg to work together again. I never thought I would have to learn how to walk again without pain. To not be able to walk up a set a stairs without clutching someone’s arm or the handrails. Not fun. To start to walk fast or run (you know in the event I need to make it to the bathroom quickly!) only to find out that oh its still a little numb and that leg feels like jello.


The realization that WOW as the wind blows through the magnificent vibrant colors of fall. That look how good MY God has been to me. I wasn’t healed immediately, I wasn’t rescued from abuse, and little things drive me bananas. But I am where I never thought I would be. I never planned to be forcing myself to learn how to walk again but God did. He has and is taken all the challenges all the hardships and he is making good out of it. If you wanna know what makes me so determined its because I know that my Jesus he loves me so much. He loves me when I am down, when I am being petty, when I am on top of the world, and when will I am being cantankerous. Romans 8:28 , Psalms 139,Phillippians 4:13, and so much more its all true.

We have one life to live and whether its short or long it will end on this earth. Will you lean in to the Lord and allow him to change you and speak you ??

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