Does my dog love me more than anyone else in the family

Why Does My Dog Love Me More Than Everyone Else


Does My Dog Love Me More Than Everyone Else.

If your dog is imprinting on you more than anyone else then, Yes your dog may love you more than everyone else. In every family small or large it seems that the dog will imprint on someone. They seem to always find a favorite person to bond to. Some people make a dog feel more comfortable and relaxed, depending on the humans personality it can make a dog feel very tense and anxious. Dog's can pick up on these types of energy, dog's can read you by the energy that you put off. A dog can tell if you are trying to intimidate them or just not really into them. 

If you have noticed that you dog will perk up when a certain person walks in the room it could mean a few different things. Dog's are very aware and alert to who makes them feel the best, they also know who takes care of them by feeding and watering them. If he seems to get up and walk over to the person it may just be that he knows that is who gives him his walks. 

Just because a dog comes up to you it doesn't necessarily mean you are his favorite person it may just mean that he is aware that you are the one that gives him what he needs.   



I Want To Show More Affection To My Dog.

Just like humans, dogs are mostly lead by someone. This person is considered a mentor or authority in our human lives, but to the dog it is the alpha of the pack. Dog's genetics are breed with the instinct that there is always a alpha in the pack and that alpha will make the decisions. 

I have two dogs, my oldest is 13yrs old and when we found our youngest toby she is now 7 yrs old but when we found her she was only two months old. Someone dropped her and her siblings off under a bridge close to where I live, Me and my son found her on a walk one day.

Toby has always looked up to my older dog as maybe a mother or just a alpha of their pack. My older dog will get aggressive some times when it is time to eat. But toby has learned to allow her to finish eating first and if she leaves any then Toby knows she can have some. We always give them enough food so they never go hungry but it is just interesting watching them when it is eating time. Toby will just walk away and lay down and wait until Happy our dog is finished eating. Over the years I have seen Toby challenge Happy but Toby always seems to back down. 

As owners of dog's I have learned to not allow my dog's to think that they are the alpha in my family. I want them to understand that I am the leader. Sometimes they will challenge my nine year old daughter on walks, she has to hold on a little tighter to the leash when the older dog Happy sees a rabbit or squirrel. I have seen them try to control her and take her where ever they want to go on walks, but she has learned to stand her ground and it teaches them to obey her. She is teaching the dog's that she is the alpha when going on walks. 



Why Is My Dog Always Watching Me

It doesn't matter how old your dog or puppy is when you get them. From the day that you bring them home they are continually educating there self with habits that you may do or how certain things may affect your mood. 

Most dog's are afraid of thunder storms, but lets say that a dog isn't afraid of a thunder storm but ever time it storms you get very scared. Even though the dog isn't scared he will pick up on your energy. Since you are the alpha in the pack they will think because you are afraid that they should be afraid too. The dog will learn to live off of your daily habits, if he gets feed at the same time everyday he will learn what time that is and who it is that usually feeds them. He may even play favorites to the person that feeds him when he sees him/her because he may be wanting to see if he can get them to give him a early treat. 

Dog's will learn to use us in the way that they want. You may notice that if he wants to go for a walk she may stand by the door and whine a little to get your attention. Your communication with your dog is very important, never neglect them for it isn't healthy for them, you never want to instill something negative into there education. If you haven't got time for a walk and you see them by the door trying to get your attention, walk to them acknowledge them and let them know with the commands that they understand. Screaming at a dog or just ignoring them all together if not good for there learning development.   

They will learn that you noticed them and let them know that it wasn't time to go for a walk yet. 

How Can I Make My Dog Love Me More

One of the most important things that you can do with your dog is just acknowledging them and spending time with them. You always want to make your dog feel loved and heard. Your dog if part of the family and they need to feel like part of it. 

It doesn't take much to make your dog feel loved. I know when I come home from work as soon as I get out of the car there is Toby wagging her tail at me. I could either ignore her because I have had a hard day at work or I could just say Hey Toby, just by talking to her will make her feel loved. 

Learn to bring your dog with you on walk at the park or maybe to your kids school sports games. Just by making these little efforts will go a long way and before you know it, you will be the most loved by the dog in your family.


8 Tips on how to make your dog love you the most in your family.

  1. Take you dog on short walks 
  2. Let them ride in the car with you
  3. Take them to your kids sporting events
  4. Let them go on vacation with you this year
  5. Let your dog set on your lap while watching tv
  6. Take him to the dog park
  7. Train him to retrieve a ball and you can pass and retrieve at the park. 
  8. Take him swimming at the lake


Your dog will start to educate his self on these activities that you are doing together. He will love the time you spend together and will look forward to seeing you do more stuff together. The more things that you do with your dog the more your dog will look at you as the alpha for that thing, and before you know it when you walk into a room with your family the dog will run up to you because you have grown a bond together. Now the dog knows that you are the one that lets him do fun things like walks, rides in car, watch T.V. together. The dog will enjoy your company more than the taking walks around the park.


Find the perfect dog for your life style.

Choosing the perfect dog is something that you should think about before you foster your first pet. What kind of life style do you live do you enjoy hiking, if so you may want to get a dog that enjoys being outside and don't care to climb and get dirty. Or maybe you mostly just stay home most of the time, well if so then you will probably want a smaller breed dog to foster. A Great Dane is a wonderful dog but if you have a small apartment you may want a smaller breed that doesn't take up so much space. 

If you are a older person you may not want a very active dog. You will probably want a small breed like a American Bulldog, I see a lot of older couple's enjoy this size dog for there needs. 

If you have young children then a young active dog will be great for them, like a Labrador or golden retriever.  

Always look for similarities of your life style and the dogs activeness. You want to grow a close relationship with your dog and if your dog is to active it may make you stressed and the stressful energy you give will show to the dog. You always want to he the dogs best friend and choosing the perfect breed is the first start of a close relationship.  


Show Your Dog How Much You Love Him/Her.

The more time you spend with your dog the closer you will be to each other. You will pick up on things that he/she like to do. My dogs like to walk down to the creek and look for anything moving in the water. They enjoy cooling off in the water in the hot summer days also. If I didn't know this about them I would make them miss out on this adventure that they have. 

Just by learning what makes your dog happy is a major push to becoming your dogs most favorite person in the family. Take some time and just watch your dog play in the yard or maybe in the house, what makes them smile. It is so simple sometimes the things that dog's enjoy to do. I remember years ago when handheld laser lights first came out, you could get different tips for them and you could shine shapes on the wall in a dark room. My dog Happy would go crazy trying to catch this light that I would shine on the floor. It just looked like a round dot but man she loved trying to catch it. 

This was something that we could do together and I didn't even have to leave my seat. She would have so much fun chasing that little dot of light to the point of where she was exhausted.


Help Your Dog Over Come His Fears 

My dog was always afraid of thunder storms and every time it would storm she would go to my bed and just shake with fear. We know that thunder will not kill anyone but to her she didn't have a clue what the big loud noise was, all she knew was that it terrified her. 

When you watch your dog you pick up on things like this. She was truly terrified and wanted to help her. After some research I ran across this thing called thunder storm desensitization. These are videos that you can play to get your dog use to the sounds and let them know that there is nothing to fear. Just play it low and soft for them while they are in there comfort spot, maybe in the crate at night for just 5 mins. These really seem to improve the dogs behavior after the next thunder storm really came. She was still some scared but not shaking and terrified in the bed no more. Over time I believe she will become completely calm during the storms once she educates her self and learns that the noise is not harmful to her. 


If you want to become the dogs favorite in the family start to give them daily rewards for positive behavior. 

Just like most humans food is a great reward. If you use a dog treat for positive behavior he will educate his self to do more of the things that got him a reward. Nothing makes me happier than to give them the treat after they have done something good. Just by giving your dog treats will turn you into that dog's best friend. The dog will learn that you bring happiness to them and before you know it you have become that dog's best friend in the whole family. 


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