Will My Dog Remember Me If I Go Away To College For Once Year

Will My Dog Remember Me If I Go Away To College For A Year


Will My Dog Remember Me After a Year?

Are you a dog parent who keeps worrying about being forgotten by your four-legged squishy partner? We all are on the same board, but is it a valid concern?

We all have things to do and just can’t take our pals with us, right? They will surely recognize your scent and come running to you as you enter the vicinity of your home.

However, what if you have to go for a longer period? Will your dog remember you after all this time? Fortunately, yes! Your dog will remember you as his pack leader; time indeed makes the heart grow fonder.


Dogs’ Ability to Remember People

To be very honest, a pup’s ability to remember people is indeed incredible. Although their short-term memory isn’t their strongest suit, they rely heavily on associative memory and the sense of smell to recall their owners.

Dogs are more likely to remember the feelings associated with you rather than the time spent with you. This means that your particular odor will help the dog remember the association he had with you in the past.

They don’t remember the specific encounters, but the feeling and the scent will help them recognize you. Just like a childhood memory or a particular cologne reminds you of something sweet, it’s the exact same thing. However, their smelling capabilities are far better than ours.

Fur Baby VS. Human Recollection

The cerebral cortex of canines isn’t much developed as in the human brain. This means they don’t have the capability of abstracting the information as we humans do.

Nevertheless, they do experience a whole wave of different emotions, but yes, they lack the capability of processing the information as humans do.

Humans are blessed with episodic memory that helps them remember even the tiniest details of events, while a dog relies on its strong sense of smell to identify its person.

Never underestimate the power of smell and the associative memory, they rely on both the smell and associative link to memorize your particular scent. Hence, your beagle is not likely to forget you if you have a strong relationship with him.

Apart from the sense of smell, they might be able to identify their owners via visual clues. This means that dogs have the ability to recognizing facial expressions and much more.

 Nonetheless, there is still some debate going on whether the dog will be able to recognize their owners if their face looks a little different.

What’s more, they respond differently upon hearing a stranger’s voice and their owners. Yes, they can easily recognize the voice of their owners even if they haven’t heard it in a little while.

With that being said, your fur baby is unlikely to forget you. They have fond recollections of you, and sensory clues allow them to recognize you as their favorite pet parent.

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Do Fur babies remember Their Owner’s Scent?

Do you know that the dog’s sense of smell is almost 40 times stronger than ours? That’s because they have around 300 million olfactory receptors compared to our 6 million.

Your dog has the ability to distinguish between you and other animals by their distinct and individual smells.

Their scent memory lasts a long time, so even if years apart, your dog will be able to recognize you. They might not be able to recognize your face, but with just one sniff, they will identify you right away.

Also, their sense of sight and smell work together to create vivid recollections of their lives.

Tell-tale Signs Your Fur Baby Remembers You

The signs that your four-legged squishy buddy remembers you are apparent. Dogs aren’t the masters of deception, especially when it comes to showing their happiness.

Hence, the moment they see you, they rarely resist the urge to knock you over and shower you with loads of sloppy kisses.

This is a reaction you will probably get to see even after a significant amount of time has passed, and the credit goes to their incredible sniffers.

Also, the scent is indeed an impactful sense, and your particular smell is going to activate his recollection even after long lengths of time apart.

No matter, what your dog’s reaction is to your return, it won’t take much time for your relationship with him to go back to it was before.

Some Body Language Signs that Your Dog Remembers You

Following are some of the body language signs that your need to look out for in case your fur baby remembers you or otherwise:

9 Signs that show that your dog remembers you:

  • Whining 
  • Wag tail.
  • Raised ears.
  • Alert
  • Howling
  • Head tilting.
  • Following you wherever you go.
  • Happy-dancing.
  • Suffocating you with attention.

Is Your Dog Going to Miss You?

With everything else in relation to your pups’ emotions, the answer isn’t straightforward. Although a dog never enjoys being away from its owner, a dog fails to comprehend the concept of timing.

This, along with his shaky short-term memory, means your beagle won’t miss you in the literal sense, but they are going to notice your absence and will recognize you the moment you return.

Dogs are known for living in the present and not dwelling on the past (perhaps cause they don’t remember much).

If you aren’t a part of their now, you are probably not going to end up on their radar. That is, until they see, hear, and smell something that they might identify with you, such as a car driving up in a driveway, etc.


Healthy Mind, Healthy Fur Baby

Who doesn’t know the effects of a healthy mind on overall health? There exists a strong relationship between both; the mind and the health.

Providing an adequate diet, enough exercise, and veterinary care is crucial for your dog’s health, but it also has the ability to impact its memory.

Diseases and illnesses can even affect the functioning of their brain and muscle memory. Hence, in order to boost their memory and keep them in good shape, don’t forget to take them for vaccinations and regular checkups.

Train Your Fur Baby to Have Better Recall of You

Since dogs fail to recall small details about places, people, and things the same way that we do, thus, spending a lot of quality time is one of the best approaches to get them to remember you.

They need to associate you and your particular scent with happy events since they rely heavily on their associative memory. You may help the recollection by doing the following:

8 ways to help your dog to remember you:

  • Try to take a nap together.
  • When you leave, leave him something to remember you by.
  • Take him for a fun doggy day out.
  • Go on regular walk trips.
  • Keep rewarding your dog.
  • Don’t be harsh on them when they do something they aren’t supposed to do.
  • Deal with your pooch in a calm manner.
  • Don’t leave them alone for too long.

In a nutshell, try making good and lasting memories with your fur baby because it’s a sure way that your furry baby will never forget you.

Tips and Tricks You Need to Keep in Mind When Planning Separation

 If you are looking for an answer to this query, chances you are probably too worried about a scheduled separation that’s coming up too soon.

Long-distance traveling, doggie daycare, and vacations may all be very stressful, especially if you are worried about your fur baby remembering you.

By now, you know that your fur baby is not going to forget you since you two share an ever-lasting bond. There are a few more strategies that can add more assurance and put your mind at ease:

You can create a FORGET ME NOT DOGGIE CARE PACKAGE using the following things:

  • Give them something that emits your specific scent (an old t-shirt).
  • A treat that you always feed him with.
  • Favorite toy.

This isn’t just going to help you but can be very comforting for your beagle as well. Your dog notices your absence and doesn’t understand the passage of time, so giving your dog something that will remind him of you can provide much-needed support.

How You Need to React Around Your Fur Baby When You Have Been Away for a While

Here’s what you need to do when you return after a long period of time:

  • Let them do whatever they want to, and allow them to show their affection. Your dog might just jump all over you, maybe gets too excited to see you, barking and whining. In fact, some dogs might even pee when they are overly excited; just let them be themselves and be happy that they still remember you.


  • You need to stay calm and be patient. Some dogs take time when recognizing their owner’s faces, give them some time and let them whiff you. Once they finally recognize you, trust me, you are going to love it! It’s worth the wait.



  • When you return, some dogs might show reluctance or might be clingier. They might be upset with you for the fact, that you left or probably thinking that you will leave again. This again goes back to patience; give your dog some time to adapt to you being around again. You need to show love to your dog, and soon they will be thinking that everything is going back to normal.


  • If your dog is not used to separation, it might be a little stand-offish. Hey, you don’t have to worry about that; it’s completely normal. Give your dog some time and have some patience.


How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Forget about the Owner?

We all have heard of stories where a long-lost dog still remembers its old owners, years upon years later. They have the ability to remember their pack leader throughout their entire lives.

As we know they do have short-term memory but are not as strong as humans. They rely on associative memory, and the more happy association you have with your dog, the more likely he is going to remember you.

They never truly forget about their humans’ emotions and their particular scent.

The Takeaway

Albeit we aren’t sure how the dog's memory works, they don’t think of the past as we do; they certainly won’t forget their pack leaders.

After all, your doggo never enjoys being away from you. Canines are known to recognize their owners even after being separated for a decade or even more. It’s been almost their entire lives. Your doggo might have its own way of doing it, but they will surely remember you.

Their devotion is unrivaled, and they certainly deserve the label of man’s best friend. Dogs are indeed one-of-a-kind creatures. They don’t forget the hand that has always fed them.

They tend to associate you with every single element of their lives, including being walked, fed, and above all, LOVED. Simply sharing your lives together can deepen your bond even further.

Keep up the good work, and you will surely earn a place in your beagle’s mind and heart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will My Dog Forget Me Even If I Give Him Away?

ANS: The short answer is no. Your dog will never forget you. Although they don’t think as we humans do, they might mourn separation and might refuse to eat for some time because of the distress.

Q: How Long Does Dog remember the Scent?

ANS: Their sense of smell is almost 40 times stronger than humans. And hence, they will remember your specific scent FOREVER!

Q: How Long Do They Normally Take to Get Used to their New Owners:

ANS: Well, it solely depends upon the history and age of the dog. If they are 12 weeks older or younger than 12 weeks, then they can bond instantly. However, when they grow older, they take some time to bond and build their relationship with the new owners.


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