Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other's Eyes

Why Does My Dog Lick Other Dogs Faces


Dogs Will Lick Other Dogs Faces To Show Affection.

Veterinarians have been known to say that dogs lick each others eyes to show affection. 
Dogs lick each other for many different reasons like: Grooming, affection, obsessive, thirsty, personal connection, self cleaning.

Dogs like to lick each other's eyes for various reasons, including the simple fact that your dog enjoys the taste of another dog's face. If your dog does not engage in excessive licking, it might be a sign that your dog is showing signs of submission or compulsiveness.

My dog is a wacky character that makes me chuckle with his antics. His other odd tendencies, including licking other dogs' eyes, have me stumped. For as long as I can remember, I have wondered: Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other's Eyes?

My veterinarian shed some light on my dog's licking habits and advised me on how to control them better.


For What Purpose, Do Dogs Lick Each Other?

The following are the top six reasons why you should use this service

  1. Self-Cleaning Or Grooming:

To keep their coats clean, dogs lick their bodies but can't get to areas like their eyes and ears. Dogs aid each other by licking one other's faces.

In this case, the other dog is likely to lick your dog's eyes, and your dog is obligated to do the same.

  1. Submissive Body Language

In a dog's pack, there can only be one leader. Sometimes, it is appropriate for your dog to lick other dogs' eyes as a display of submission to another dog.

If your dog licks the face of your other dog while it is being hostile, the behavior is more likely to be submissive. Following the other dog, playing activities the other dog enjoys, and resting close to their feet indicate submissiveness.

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

It is more probable that your dog will lick another dog's eyes if it has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Your dog cannot help but lick the other dog on the face.

If your dog is constantly licking the eyes of your other dog, he is engaging in compulsive behavior. If your dog is licking itself to death, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.

  1. Creating A Personal Connection

To show their love and commitment, dogs lick each other. It's common for dogs to kiss their owners' faces to show love. The act of licking helps a dog form a relationship with another dog and become more sociable.

An endorphin rush occurs when dogs kiss one other, making them feel happy. They may relax and spend quality time together.

To maintain a strong pack relationship, members of the pack lick each other. It is a vital part of their development and survival.

  1. Thirsty

When pups are hungry, they lick their mother or another adult dog to let them know they are hungry. The puppy does not realize that the elder dog isn't going to feed it. As a dog owner, you are responsible for providing food for your pet.

Because of this, when you feed your puppy, it believes that the older dog has discovered and returned food for it, making it more likely to eat it. As a result, your dog will continue to lick you. It would help if you never gave your pet any of these foods.

Does It Matter If Dogs Lick The Eyes Of Other Dogs?

As long as dogs aren't licking each other's direct eye, it's perfectly OK for them to do so. Any time you see two dogs being introduced, the more nervous one will drop its head and begin licking the dominant dog on its face.

So that the more confident canine understands that it is giving a calm companionship, the timid dog does this.

Slobbery kisses are exchanged between dogs that already have a cordial relationship. They give each other dog kisses to show their love for one another. In this situation, there are no hierarchical concerns but a close camaraderie that binds them together.

There is a good chance that your dog is licking excessively on the other dog's body because the other dog has a cut or bruise.

Is It OK to Discourage Your Dog From Licking the Eyes of Each Other?

When a dog is licking excessively, there may be a more serious issue going on below. If you see your dog licking another dog regularly, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Dog licking may even be harmful to the health of both you and your dog. Never allow your dog to lick another dog whose cleanliness you are unsure about.

Dog saliva has a high concentration of microorganisms that might harm your health. You may acquire sensitivities to the dog's saliva if it licks you after having licked another dog.

3 Tips On How To Get Your Dog To Stop Trying To lick Other Dogs Eyes?

There are three most effective methods.

  1. It's Important To Avoid Encouraging This Kind Of Behavior

Do not praise your dog's licking since it will continue if it learns that it is rewarded for it. Reward your dog for not licking the eyes of another dog.

Stopping your dog from licking another dog may be done using orders like "don't" or "stop." If your dog follows your instructions, reward it with a goodie.

Separate your dog from the other dog if he becomes violent while licking it, and refocus his attention on something else.

  1. Give Your Dog Something Else To Chew On

You may also offer your dog something else to lick, such as a toy or a bone. It will keep your dog from licking the eyes of other dogs, which is a common problem. Keep reducing the amount of time spent licking to control the licking habit.

  1. Get A Dog Cone

If your dog is habitually licking other people's ears and eyes, you may be able to help him stop by giving him a training aid. Once your dog has learned not to lick other dogs' eyes, you may continue to use the dog cone.

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You must use the dog cone if your dog has an eye infection. Your dog's eye illness can transmit to another dog if it licks another.

What Is the Purpose of a Puppy's Mother's face-licking?

The answer is the purpose of a puppy's licking their mother's face is a way for puppies to tell their mother that they are hungry and need to eat.

A puppy will kiss its mother's lips only after it has returned from her hunt with an empty stomach. Pre-digested food in the mother dog's stomach is a signal to feed her pups.

Dogs in the home will lick the face of an elderly dog or even you to indicate that they need to be fed and cared for. They do not know that the elder dog can't bring them food. To provide and care for the pup is your responsibility.

What is Up with My Dog Licking Other Dogs' Eyes?

Do not be alarmed if your dog has begun licking the eyes of other dogs without your knowledge. It is common for dogs to show their devotion to one other by licking each other. You need to keep an eye on your dog's licking habits to see if there is an underlying problem.

Your dog may be friendly with the other dog if the licking continues for a short period. If your dog, on the other hand, is obsessively licking the other dog, it is time to separate the two dogs and give them different things to focus on.

You should get your dog examined by a veterinarian if its obsessive behavior persists. Keeping your dog and other dogs apart is a good idea if your dog is violent toward them. If your dog's aggressive behavior is out of control, you might try giving it soothing vitamins.

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Why Do I Get Licks from My Dog?

For the following reasons, your dog licks your face:

  1. He Is Infatuated With You

Dogs like licking people's faces even if you do not like it. It is evidence that your dog adores and looks up to you as a devoted mother figure. It is more noticeable in younger dogs that regularly use their tongues or if your dog is stimulated.

  1. Hair and Makeup Styling

Grooming your dog makes it feel more at ease. Your dog wants to groom you in the same way that you groom your dog.

  1. To Make Others Smell Like Them.

Another reason your dog may lick your face after a wash is to reapply their fragrance to your skin. After a shower, you do not smell like yourself in your dog's eyes. The reason your dog kisses you is so that you may get a whiff of its aroma.

Does Blowing Into A Dogs Face, Make Dogs Lick?

Your dog's delicate nose will dry up if you blast air in its face. Your dog will get irritated if your dog has a dry nose. As a reaction, they lick their noses to rehydrate their noses.

You cannot help but blink when someone blows dry air into your eyes. Therefore you can't prevent this instinctive response either.

Is Small Breed Dogs More Likely to Lick Other Dogs' Eyes?

The answer is" Yes." When it comes to licking another dog's eyes, little breeds have a tendency. According to an observation, small dogs are more likely to leap on their owners and demonstrate their appreciation when they return home.

To display their devotion, they kiss the other dog's eyes, making them more eager to establish new friends than larger breeds.

Dogs lick each other's eyes for a variety of reasons.

  1. Is Dog Licking a Sign of Dominance?

Dog licking is not a show of dominance. Dogs, on the other hand, lick each other as a gesture of submission. Two dogs meet, and the hesitant one licks its friend's lips to show that it is ready to form a relationship.

If your dog kisses the other dog's face while being violent, it is submissive.

  1. How Do I Stop My Dog from Licking the Mouths of Other Dogs?

When your dog was a puppy, it picked up the habit of licking the lips of other dogs. It is an indication when they are hungry that, they lick their mother's lips. Their mother feeds them regurgitated food. When they are starving, adult dogs behave similarly.

When your dog licks another dog's lips to apologize after playing rough with it, there is another common reason for it to do so. In a way, it is like a gentle handshake to show that the rough play wasn't meant to damage the other dog.

Licking A Dog In The Ear Is A Common Behavior Among Dogs.

Dogs can lick one other's ears without harming each other. If your dog does this, it is nothing to be concerned about.

Ear licking might indicate an undiagnosed health problem in your dog or the dog it is licking. You should take your dog to the vet if they are licking excessively.


All of your queries about Why Dogs Lick Each Other's Eyes have hopefully been addressed: in most cases, it is a means of expressing love and mingling with other people. Dogs are known to lick one other's eyes regularly.

If your dog, on the other hand, is constantly licking the eyes of other dogs, there may be something wrong with your dog's licking habits. In these situations, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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