Why Does My Dog Always Sit Behind Me

Does My Dog Set Behind Me For Protection

Why Does My Dog Always Sit Behind Me?

Your dog may sit behind you because they want to be near you, for safety, protection or just to feel cozy. If you are still wanting to know why your dog likes to lounge directly behind you keep reading. Do you want to end this activity because it's annoying or because you suspect it's not as harmless as it seems.

However, let's examine the potential causes before making any hasty conclusions or plans of action.

  1. If Your Dog Want To Be Near You

A puppy or senior dog sitting behind you, mainly if you feel them leaning on your body, is a sign that your dog wants to be near you. Dogs have a wide variety of methods of showing their owners how much they care, and one of the most common is lying or sitting behind them as they go about their daily activities, such as cooking or watering the plants.

  1. They are Taking Precautions for Our Safety

Dogs were initially bred to herd and protect livestock like sheep, goats, and cattle before they became man's best friend. Additionally, many dogs were kept guard dogs, ready to fight intruders who dared to enter the houses or fields of their owners.

Guard dog breeds like Rottweilers, Boxers, and maybe most famously, the German Shepherd still has a strong prey drive. But even if you don't have one of these breeds, your dog may be protective if they are tucked in behind you, particularly on walks or when unfamiliar people are around. Your dog may still be on high alert while sleeping on the sofa behind you, looking over your shoulder for any sign of trouble.

When monitoring the room's entrances, your dog may have decided that the best place to sit is just behind you. If so, pay attention to how they carry themselves. While sitting behind you, an alert dog will have its body rigid, and its ears perked up as if it were trying to listen to something.

This action might be completely innocent, or it could be an indication of anxiety or possessive hostility.

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  1. They Feel Protected When Set Behind You

Dogs may be protective, but they're also possibly doing it for themselves. It may be overstated, but it's not necessary. It's pretty uncommon for less outgoing dogs or pups to feel more secure and comfortable resting behind you, mainly when strangers are around.

Dogs weren't bred for their ability to get along with other dogs, so yours may feel more comfortable hiding behind you when they're in a group.

Your dog may want to curl up next to you or, more accurately, behind you on the sofa if you have other dogs or company around. They'll be relatively concealed and safe in this manner. Sitting behind you may have little to do with your dog's aloof nature but rather with their living circumstances.

Is it raining or thundering outside? Do you have a strange and amplified sound mixer? A dog could want to hide behind you if you were to watch a movie with lots of loud gunfire or if you rang the doorbell.

  1. Because It's Cozy

Examining the likely setting where this behavior occurs might help you determine why your dog likes to sit behind you. In winter, dogs with shorter coats might feel the cold more acutely than humans. Some pets may seek to sit behind their owners or lean on them to avoid the wind and be warm.

Your dog may sit or sleep behind you at home because of the warmth your body and blanket provide. Get them a cozy blanket before you start training them to sleep in a bed by themselves or next to you.

  1. They Need Some Quiet Time to Recharge

It's also conceivable that your dog isn't ignoring you because he's upset but because he needs some alone time by sitting behind you. It is not uncommon for dogs to become the focus of social interaction when many humans are around.

Your dog may rest sure that they will not be disturbed as they sleep behind you since they are still nearby.


Why Does My Dog Always Sit Near Me?

If you notice that your dog always sits near you in that case there are a few possible reasons for your dog sitting near you: protectiveness, territorial marking, or both. They may be frightened, and they may be pleading for food. Or maybe the dog is chilly and wants to curl up close to you.

If your dog is very watchful, they may be trying to keep you safe. When a dog sits on its owner, it may display territorial behavior. Possible scenario: your dog is sitting next to you, asking for snacks. If none of these explanations makes sense, maybe your dog is simply chilly and needs a warm place to sit.

If you still don't know why your dog is sitting next to you, we'll go through several possibilities that aren't likely to be the case.


  1. There's A Good Chance To Know That Your Dog Doesn't Feel Bad

Your dog is usually alright, even if they behave strangely, despite your first concerns. When a dog sits close to its owner, some may worry that it shows signs of illness or injury.

A dog that is ill or hurts usually stays out of the way. Instincts are the source of this action. When they're sick, dogs often want to rest in isolation. They like to go to a calm, isolated spot when they're unwell.

Therefore, you shouldn't worry that your dog is ill if sitting alertly beside you. If someone weren't feeling well, their natural inclination wouldn't be to sit next to you but rather to hide.

  1. Your Dog Is Not Demonstrating Dominance By Sitting Next To You

We discussed the possibility of your dog guarding you or displaying territorial behavior when it sits close to you. However, may they be seeking to establish authority by acting aggressively?

To be forthright, we have to say no. A Great Dane or other giant breed sitting so close to you might make you feel threatened. They're big and beefy and could be able to tower over you on the sofa. But these actions aren't meant to intimidate you in any way.

Each breed of dog exhibits its dominant, aggressive tendencies in its unique way. In addition, a dog's signals will vary depending on whether it is directing them toward a person or another dog. Disobedience, resource guarding, and biting are all behaviors that may be used to assert dominance over a human. Your dog is not attempting to dominate or behave violently toward you if all it does is sit next to you.

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Why Does My Dog Hide Behind Me?

You may wonder why your dog keeps disappearing behind you and what you can do about it if they do it often. Why does my dog always try to sneak up on me from behind? You may be encouraging your dog's submissive behavior by remaining still while it cowers behind you if you haven't already noticed it's there.

With so many potential origins, it's instructive to think about the factors that would increase each likelihood. Figuring out why your dog is doing it should make it much simpler to stop him from doing it.

The Reason Dogs Prefer To Stay Hidden Behind You

Several potential explanations for your dog's concealing behavior and suggestions for overcoming them are provided below.

  1. Fear

It has been acting this way because it is afraid of something. If it has a pattern of doing this when there are other dogs around or when there are unusual sounds outdoors, then this is a plausible explanation.

One possible explanation for your dog's avoidance of other canine companions is that it was previously the victim of canine aggression. If your dog suddenly began doing this and you also knew that other dogs had been violent against it as a puppy, this may be the case. Positive reinforcement, desensitisation training, and socialisation with sociable canines might be useful here.

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  1. Submissiveness

Likely, it acts this way because it is trying to show how subservient it is. Suppose your dog also displays other submissive behaviors, such as turning over on its back when other dogs are around. In that case, this may indicate that it is trying to demonstrate dominance.

  1. Injury

The animal may have felt nervous and defenseless because of a recent injury. If it began doing it out of the blue and exhibited other indicators of injury, this is more likely to be the case. A trip to the vet is in order here.

 Solution To The Problem Of Your Dog Sneaking Up Behind You

Here are a few suggestions for encouraging your dog to quit hiding from you.

  1. It's Best Not To Encourage It

It may be learnt that staying hidden and receiving rewards is a good strategy. Rewarding it when it acts as you'd want it to, discouraging it when it hides from you, and trying to divert its attention just as it's about to do something undesirable are all better options.

  1. Desensitisation

The first thing you may attempt is to introduce it to other doggie pals as frequently as you can. It will be harder for it to overcome its fear of dogs if it does not get to socialize with other canines often.

  1. The Use Of Reinforcement Learning

You may teach your dog the actions you find most desirable via a process called positive reinforcement training.

Suppose you want to reduce your dog's fear of other dogs using positive reinforcement training. In that case, you should praise it after encounters with no fear, treat it when it is near other dogs but not showing fear, and cease praising it when its fearful behavior increases.

  1. Please Seek Assistance

Consult a canine behaviorist for assistance if you and your pet's veterinarian can't determine the cause of the behavior. It helps you discover why your dog is hiding behind you and how to stop it with an expert's help.

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Why Does My Dog Always Want To Lay Behind Me?

What does my dog see in me that he finds so interesting that he chooses to lay behind me? Your dog may have been lying behind you. It prefers your company. It is protective because it feels safer there, suffers from separation anxiety, or you unwittingly encouraged the habit.

  1. Inducing The Action

Your dog may have learnt that this behavior would result in positive reinforcement from you, and that's why it's been doing it. Your dog will probably lay behind you more often if you reward it with additional attention, playtime, and goodies whenever it does so. To encourage it to lay where you'd want it to, give it a reward when it does so, and refrain from rewarding it when it doesn't.

  1. A Sense Of Security May Be Found There

It's also possible that it's been acting this way because it perceives a greater sense of security there. If it has a timid temperament and likes to stay out of sight while you're not around, this may be the case.

  1. It Prefers Not To Be Disturbed

Perhaps it acts this way because it prefers not to be disturbed. If it doesn't always sleep behind you, and if it does so more often when it wants to sleep, this is more likely to happen. If it attempts to sleep behind you, it may be attempting to catch up on lost sleep at night and may appreciate it if you make it comfortable to do so.

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The Best Way To Deal With A Dog That Keeps lying Behind You

Several strategies are described below for persuading your dog to quit lounging behind you.

  1. Teach your dog lay on that please where you want

If you want your dog to lie where you want it to, you may teach it via positive reinforcement training and then instruct it to do so a few times a day, at which point you can treat it. It should eventually figure out that it will get treats if it lays in the new spot.

  1. Provide It With A More Relaxing Resting Spot

Providing a soft place for it to rest might be beneficial as well. The spot must be dark, calm, and not too hot to stretch out on the floor comfortably.


  1. Please Don't Reinforce This Kind Of Thing

It might be a contributing factor if you have rewarded it with treats whenever it lays behind you. Instead, it would be best if you encouraged your dog whenever it lays in a different spot, educate it to lay in a different spot and attempt to shift its attention whenever it is going to lay behind you.


Hope you enjoy the information about your pet activities. This blog is helpful for you to fix the undesirable activities of your pet.


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