Bible verses for dog lovers

Inspiring Bible Verse Devotion For Dog Lovers

Inspiring Bible Verse Devotion For Dog Lovers

Welcome To Christina Chronicles, if you are a dog lover and a bible reader you are going to love this weeks story about the struggles I endured of earning my masters degree for professional counseling. 

inspirational bible verses for dog lovers

I have always enjoyed writing and often written little snippets however since going to school I have let this shall I say, talent, fall by the waste side. See I have been the kind of person who rarely knows what’s she’s good at , at many times in my life doubting who she is and self-critical. The one thing that has remained is this still small voice (which I call a knowing) that God says I am special and that He created me for greatness for His kingdom. So, this Saturday morning I begin again to develop this talent that came from the Creator of the world, and I pray that it touches you and blesses you. Most of all I pray that YOU know that you are loved and that you were created for greatness and that God is calling you to draw near to him.


bible verses for dog lovers

As I lay in my bed in the early morning the late summer heat begging me to get up (ahhem that’s my poetic way of saying I was sweating lol). I remember my amazing mother-in-law encouraging me to write again. I had been thinking about this. Do I have anything to say? I hear it that familiar sound of my father, as the random thoughts fly through my head, the doubts, the self-critical remarks, the worries, and so much more……

“Is your comfort more important than your hunger for ME”?
See for the last several years we had been going to a different church. A church where I sort’ve knew people but not much and let me tell you that’s about as uncomfortable as this country girl can be. See I am quiet (until you get to know me), I am reserved, I am thoughtful, I love books and history and mysteries and can be socially awkward. I do not like to throw myself out there. Well last night I go to a women’s meeting where I knew more of the women where I am comfortable. See, a special invited me to a Sunday women’s gathering and I told her I would think about it.

So in my mind I was justifying not going cause after all I just did this Friday thing and it was good and it was comfortable and it was easy. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with those moments. However, I feel a calling to trust God, and I so want to be all he has called me to be. So, Yes Lord, I hear you! Help me to not seek comfortable but to seek YOU. Allow our hunger to for you to be stronger than our desire for easy and comfortable.
So, my question for you on this hazy, August morning is, Is your desire for comfortable and easy stronger than your hunger for your creator?

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