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Very Cute Dog Room Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Dog Room Uniquely. 

Why Dog Decor Is A Wonderful Gift For Your Dog Room.

Lets face it we want the best of everything for our dogs, from the perfect healthy dog food to the best dog toy for them. So why not offer them a space in your home that they can call there own. This space doesn't have to be huge, it can be a small and cozy space like under the stair case. 
A dog room is your pooch's personal space, as well a perfect spot to pamper and proved them with there needs. Most dog rooms will offer as two spaces in your house maybe it is dog room/ mud room or bathroom. Even if it isn't just a single area of your home you can still decorate it to give your pooch a awareness that it is his space with some personalized dog decor. 

What Is Dog Decor And Which Products Should I Buy?

Dog decor comes in many different varieties. It really depends on the area of the house that you are focusing on. My personal favorite is a custom portrait of my pooch, these are a wonder gift for your dog to hang in his dog room. I like to get different styles of my pooch to show his different personalities all around the house. My favorite areas to decorate is the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dog room with dog decor. I have found that YourPetDesign offers a wonderful diverse product line with a great price for all my dog decor for my home. My favorite is the personalized canvas wrap that they offer. 

YourPetDesign Offers Great Quality Dog Decor For Your Home.

 Let your dog add a level of personality to your walls with the highest quality canvas wrap that you can get online. The Canvas wrap that they offer is built with a very solid supported frame that will never let your canvas sag or warp over time. I have owned my personalized dog decor print for three years now and it still looks as good as the day I received it. They have a guarantee that you canvas will always look tight and flat as the day you purchased it. If I am going to buy dog decor I want to buy from a company that is trusted and YourPetDesign is the most trusted dog decor company that I could find that had amazing quality and comfortable pricing. I was willing to pay a little more for a product that I knew would hold up over time. Some online stores that I found where cheaper but the quality was not worth the risk. If I where you and quality is what you are looking for I would definitely go with YourPetDesign. The customer service is Great, I reached out to them with a question in email and I got a reply back within the hour. 

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How Do I Hang My Dog Decor Canvas For My Dog Room?

My custom dog decor canvas that I ordered cam with all the pre-installed hanging hardware that I needed to get it hung on my wall. Within 10 mins I had  opened the box and all the hardware and hung it. The quality of the print is what took me so much. The first thing that I noticed once I opened up the box was the quality of the canvas wrap. 

How Durable Are The Dog Decor Canvas Prints For My Dog Room?

YourPetDesign only uses premium materials to ensure top quality dog decor. The ink is formulated to work with the canvas and will provide the personalized image with the highest quality, and longest lasting shine that will last for decades. They even have there own UV Test chamber and they test the materials constantly to ensure that the ink colors will last longer than any canvas print you could purchase.

The canvas will get dusty from time to time. When it does gather dust you may wipe it gently with a clean damp cloth. I would not use any spray chemicals on your canvas. I only use a damp cloth with a drop of dawn dish soap. I have cleaned like this for 3 years now and it still looks amazing. 

The dog decor canvas print is printed with a latex ink on artist grade canvas so deep cleaning should not hurt the print, just keep in mind no heavy scrubbing and no chemicals. Weekly dusting of my canvas has keep it looking great without even using a damp cloth. But I still like to wipe it down with a damp cloth once a month. 

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What Are The Canvas Wrap Frames Made Of?

The frames are constructed from North American Poplar wood. This type of wood doesn't just make them environmentally friendly, but also durable, solid and very lightweight. Strong construction wood is a must with a canvas print, because this will hold tension on the canvas 24/7 and with a flimsy frame the canvas will start to warp and sag over time. 




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