Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood?

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes Period Blood


Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood?

Dogs like period blood because of:  blood smell, scent of pheromones, instincts, hunger, or reputation as scavengers might be factored in their preference for it.

Dogs are not as sensitive to the presence of menstrual blood as humans are. We dispose of it since it is a biological fluid. On the other hand, dogs recognize it for what it is: blood.

Dogs regularly notice Women's menstrual cycles. Their very acute nostrils may detect new odors from a long-distance away. They are not the only ones who are aware of this. Dogs are interested in what is going on, though. However, it begs the question: Why do dogs like menstrual blood?




Keep reading if you are curious about why dogs are drawn to period blood. We will go through the reasons why dogs are drawn to period blood in this article.


10 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes Period Blood?

  1. Drawn To The Smell 
  2. Curious
  3. Pheromones
  4. If you are Pregnant
  5. Comes Naturally 
  6. They are Missing You
  7. They a Hungry
  8. Period Blood Is Distinctive 
  9. Scavengers by Nature
  10. Learned Habit

Reason 1: Dogs Are Naturally Drawn To The Smell Of Blood

On the other hand, dogs are much more relaxed about seeing blood! They do not consider blood a waste but rather an essential part of their diet.

There is no gourmet dog food or homemade dog treats for dogs in the wild. To stay alive, they must consume other animals. These species include giant mammals and birds and small rodents like mice and squirrels. The animals they ate had blood that was quite comparable to that of the era. They are drawn to it because of the similarities.

The blood from their victim is not identical to that of the period. In the end, it is all blood. When given the opportunity, dogs will discover methods to investigate this even if we find it repulsive.

Reason 2: They are curious

Everyone knows dogs have an inquisitive nature. You are sitting on the couch watching a movie with them, and the next thing you know, they have slipped away to go on a secret adventure. It may include them going through the garbage!


As soon as you put your menstrual products in the garbage, your dog will be eager to get their hands on them. When dogs get inquisitive, they will do all their power to satisfy their desires! To satisfy their insatiable curiosity, they look for methods to get access to the garbage. There is now a huge mess to clean up after us.

Dogs are always on the lookout for anything new they come across. Do not be shocked if they approach you or a female friend during her period. If this is the case, it might explain why your dog seems so drawn to you.

Reason 3: Your Pheromones Make Them Smell You

When a woman's period comes around, it tells a lot about her, particularly to her pets. Because of their superior smell, dogs can quickly identify the pheromones released by women during menstruation.

When a female dog is in heat, she emits pheromones that attract male dogs. Human pheromones work similarly. Whenever a male dog senses a woman's pheromones, he will investigate what it is about the scent that attracts him. As a result, he will look for opportunities to investigate the woman's period blood, such as going closer to her or searching for old tampons or pads in the garbage.

The pheromones released by most women on a monthly cycle create this tendency in male dogs but do not be shocked if your female dogs also exhibit this behavior.

Reason 4: If you are Pregnant, They will know it!

The enchantment of a woman's menstrual cycle is undeniable. At this time, not only does your body go through many changes, but it also shows that you can have children. Dogs can also tell whether you are fertile based on your period's blood!

Tissue and nutrients utilized in the fetus's development are released during a woman's period. During this period, hormones vary, and your pet can sense these changes. For this reason, the scent of menstrual blood does not bother their olfactory receptors. Because of these factors, a dog may become more interested in period blood. There is a possibility that the menstrual blood will cause them to behave in this way.

Reason 5: It Comes Naturally To You

I adore my dogs because they regularly do things I never dreamed of. Astonishing to me is the fact that they know what to do.

It does not matter if it is chasing a rabbit or simply hearing a rodent through the wall; dogs' instincts are powerful.

When a dog detects the scent of menstrual blood, its instincts take over. Consider a bloodhound, developed for decades to detect the smell of animals and people. It is a part of their heritage and who they are.

It is impossible to stop a dog from acting on its instincts. Because of their nature, they must respond to it. Dogs' fondness for historical blood reminds them of their innate desire for blood!

Reason 6: They are Missing You

I MISS THEM GREATLY when I have to be away from my pets. In all honesty, I became a writer to spend more time with my dogs. It is difficult for both our dogs and us to say goodbye!

It's not just us who feel this way; our dogs also miss us when we're not home. It is common for kids to search for items that remind them of us while we are not around. Trash containing old feminine hygiene products, such as pads and tampons, may smell like you. Your dog may develop a liking for these discarded memories of your presence.

Reasons 7: They a Hungry

  When they are starving, some dogs eat anything. some dogs are always hungry. If the kitchen garbage is empty, they have no difficulty outsourcing to the bathroom trash.

As soon as a dog is hungry, it will go out of its way to find a food source. A dog may be tempted to eat a soiled pad or tampon because they see it as food.

Keep all bathroom doors closed if your dog is an over eater!

Reason 8: The Smell of Period Blood Is Distinctive (And Dogs Like That)

That our dogs can detect scents that we cannot is something we all enjoy. The way it seems to me, at the very least. If my dog finds it first, I will be able to remove it before my nose gets a whiff of it!

The nose of a dog can detect odors far more quickly than ours. When they detect a new aroma, they will utilize their noses to learn more about it. When it comes to menstrual blood, there is no distinction. They may like the distinct scent of blood, whether they detect it directly from you or through the garbage, you have tossed over a few days or weeks.

Reason 9: Dogs Are Excellent Scavengers by Nature

Scavenger dogs have been a common sight in my experience. That group of people who are not afraid to consume even the most repulsive foods is precisely who I am referring to.

It has been an arduous journey for dogs, but they have gone a long way even though many people still scavenge for food. Blood from soiled tampons or pads will make your dog think its rotting flesh, so they will be ready to sample it. They may appreciate it so much that they ask for more.

Reason 10: It is A Learned Habit

When a dog discovers something that fulfills one of its essential requirements, they are more likely to return for more of the same! It is the last round of what does Mom throw away. When your dog searches for your old period supplies, this is what they are thinking.

Dogs frequently engage in learned or repetitive behaviors. Even if we do not like it, that is how dogs are. Those who know what they want will go to great lengths to obtain it. It could explain why people behave in this manner.

4 Tips How To Stop Your Dog From Liking The Smell Of Period Blood.

Regarding dog behavior, there are no hard and fast rules.

Many factors contribute to dogs' penchant for period blood consumption. To them, the subject fascinates and interests them; they want to learn more. Often, they want more of it once they discover it!

1: How To Stop Your Dog In Their Tracks

No one wants their dog to be fond of period blood at any cost. Period. The very thought of one of your canines relishing in such an experience makes us cringe since, as humans, we prefer to avoid even mentioning it.

You may never be able to get your dog to quit enjoying period blood. You may, however, take away how your dog can receive it.

2: Ensure That The Door To The Bathroom Is Locked

Not providing your dog easy access to the bathroom garbage is the most effective technique to deter them from scavenging old tampons and pads.

Your dog will not be able to get close to them if the bathroom door is closed while you are menstruating.

3: After Each Use, Be Sure To Clean Up Your Trash.

Try removing your period products after each use if keeping the bathroom door closed is not an option. Please put them in a garbage container outdoors that is well shut out of your dog's reach.

Beware! When you let your dog out, he will still be able to smell the blood. If your dog has full reign and can reach the trashcan, you may end up with a huge mess! Keep your dog's play area clear of garbage cans that are not sealed.

4: Learn the Basic Commands for Your Dog

Teaching instructions to a dog that is prone to getting into mischief is always a good idea. If your dog isn't respecting your privacy when you are on your period, sharply tell them "No." It is a beautiful idea to show your dog that you have limits! They may take some time to pick up an order, but they will pay attention in the end.


Why Menstrual Blood Attracts More Male Dogs Than Females?

There is no clear and fast scientific proof that male dogs prefer menstrual blood, but anecdotal data suggests this may be the case.

Some dog owners claim that males are more interested in fragrances and willing to examine them than females, although this has not been proven scientifically.

If you have menstrual blood, this is not necessarily a problem for you, and there is no reason for it. Because hunting breeds (such as bloodhounds) are particularly scent-driven, they are more likely to be drawn to period blood.


Is It Serious That My Dog Only Wants Period Blood?

It is not a cause for alarm if your dog likes menstrual blood. Many dogs are captivated by this very normal (and horrifying!) phenomenon.

But! You should be concerned if your dog has eaten a used tampon or pad. Eating a menstruation product can be dangerous, despite its resemblance to blood. Tampons can harm or even kill your dog if exposed to liquid.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog has ingested a pad or tampon. In most cases, the sooner you bring your dog in, the better your chances are that they can remove the mass.



It is hard to keep a dog from being curious and instinctively interested in things its owners do not necessarily want them to. You cannot get your dog to modify what he likes, unlike anything that meets his inherent wants. In these cases, the best thing to do is to use instructions to refocus your dog. Additionally, you may erect barriers to block your dog from accessing locations you do not want.



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